Quickest way to get from Beginner to Expert

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

  • I couldn't recommend getting lessons to start with more! As an instructor myself there is nothing more frustrating than teaching someone who has self taught themselves 20 years ago and has numerous bad habits that are now near impossible to change. Its frustrating for me and its frustrating for you so lets save each other some time and get help from the start.

  • Be patient! Especially with Snowboarding. It can break you physically and mentally after a couple days if you don't have the right mind set. Snowboarding may look easy on the Tv but trust me the first couple days will make you question any coordination you thought you had. Once you have the basics down you will find your progression sky rockets afterwards so although you may feel broken stick it out because that reward is going to be so much greater!

  • Go with people who are better than you! This will always push you to improve whether its going faster or jumping bigger it is always nice to challenge yourself.

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